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Mixer Grinders

Now you can prepare paste from rice,pulses,coconut,chutneys, masalas in minutes in half the time than the other mixer grinders.Prestige stainless steel jars are made of high quality stainless steel to exacting standars.The jars come with unique and sturdy couples for long life and tylish jar handles for convenient and comfortable grip.

Rice Cookers

An Exciting range of electric rice cookers that not only cook rice but an entire menu.Cook porridge,soup,stew,pulao,idlis,steam vegateables in a convenient and hassle free way.With features like speed cooking,keep warm,etc.,Prestige Rice Cooker is an indispensable kitchen appliance to own.

Kitchen Knives

Presenting Prestige Kitchen Knives with chopping board.Their unique features make them last for a longer time.With a range of Knives,including knife sets and individually packed knives,prestige truedge stainless steel knives make a perfect accessory to your kitchen.

Kitchen Tools & Accessories

Prestige Kitchen Tools and Accessories - Make your kitchen work a lot easier with high quality kitchen tools and accessories.These specialised individual tools are versatile,easy to clean and easy to store..

Idli Stands

Made with high quality stainless steel prestige idli plates are a wonderful accessory for your Prestige Pressure Cooker.Prepare soft idlis or delicious dhoklas.Get ready for a wonderful breakfast.


Stainless steel seperators from prestige - An ideal way to cook with prestige pressure cookers.Prestige stainless steel separator allows you to cook a whole meal - rice,dal and vegetables all together in few minutes with minimum use of energy.Food is cooked very quickly retaining all essential nutrients and vitamins making prestige stainless steel seperators a versatile cooking aid in your kitchen.

L.P.G Hose

Manufactures from higest quality rubber,Prestige LPG Hose is abrasion,ozone & weather resistant,and comes with steel wire reinforcement.
* Abrasion,ozone & weather resistant - Does not crack.
* Steel wire reinforced - Rats can not bite through.
* Long life(5 Years).

Kitchen Hoods

Prestige Hoods are engineered suit your needs offering a modern solution to your kitchen.Choose from a wide variety of stylish and innovative products which blend perfectly with your modern kitchen.

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